Designed a new logo which first appeared on the new shop truck.

Tuba Trucks was essentially founded in the 60s when Clem Johnson went into a garage where a bunch of "old guys" were restoring their cars and all his friends were dreaming of hot rods.  His 9 to 5  for 30+ years has been in 3 dimensional design and illustration. With his attention to detail and knowledge of auto mechanical,  you can be sure that every detail of your build or restoration is considered and performed to a high standard.

The current shop is a 1940 Sinclair Service Station located in Fayetteville Arkansas. We have been at this location for over 14 years and we love its nostalgic feel. We have added more shops and work space over the years as well as office and showrooms. At any given time several restorations are underway and at various degrees of completion.

Where we started...


We take on projects that suit your vision. If you need restoration of a classic to original, custom retrofit or just keeping the patina of  your baby, we can do it. We even tweak projects that are already underway. We're up for everything from a ground up build to matching a customer's existing detail. We can help you keep a cool old vehicle on the road.



Complete Restoration Services

for Your Classic Truck or Car



Whether its building motors, overhauling a chassis, upgrading brake and steering systems or dialing in a gauge cluster... if it's a part off of a classic car or truck, we've been there.

Though we specialize in older trucks of the 40s through the 70s, our experience lends us the ability to handle most mechanical problems in classic cars too.


Our standards in paint are reflected in the work we've done for customers and for personal rides.

If you have a truck with nice patina   

and want to keep the look we can make the rust repairs needed, hammer out the dents and match the aged original paint.

If you want a gloss or satin complete paint job... we're your crew.

Fabrication and rust repair are two of the things we take a great deal of pride in. Creating a solid foundation and working through all the steps necessary in preparation for final paint can only be successful if done the right way. Whatever topcoat is chosen, the effort spent in 'what's under it' is the most important part.