Our business office is where all the guys who DON'T wear suits and ties, do the work-really work. It's where you can mail, meet, or call us.

We don't tweet all that well and we've been thinking "Facebook" or maybe instagram but really... we'd rather be in the shop turning wrenches. So e-mail works for us...

We would like to do some work for you, maybe the dirty stuff, like welding and bodywork, or maybe the stinky stuff, like priming and painting. We love piece work... but should you want the big kahuna, start to finish, turn key cool and done...

Call - E-me - Showup


If your request involves checking our facilities, fine by us. Just give us a ring first.

The Cruise-In was a blast… Lots of people showed up (4 folks from England)… over 100 toys collected for kids.


Tuba Trucks Classic Car And Truck Restoration And Customization


1798 east huntsville rd

fayetteville AR 72701